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If you missed the live event, check out the full broadcast below.

TMRW 2020

Watch TMRW Eletromidia in full and see how we think creative thinking and co-creation will get OOH out of the doldrums. Innovative projects, new technologies, and ideas that show that it is possible to redefine the sector. For us, tomorrow begins now.

Virtual Market Place

A marketplace where your brand will be an organic part of millions of people’s lives. The combination of digital dynamism and the impact of our assets. Convenience, practicality, and opportunity for you and your customers.

CNN Content Partnership

Many people stay up to date with what is happening around the world via our screens in elevators, on transport, and in other environments. Now your brand can be associated with quality, relevant content in partnership with CNN.

Naming Rights and Experience Stations

As we see in different places around the world, brands are looking for new territories to find consumers. Now imagine embracing our environments and offering amazing experiences and services.

Rock in Rio Partnership

Music thrills, connects, and engages brands and people. Come with us to spread the energy of Rock in Rio through cities and amplify 2021’s most eagerly awaited festival.


Find out about the CPTM modernization project and all the possibilities it can offer you. New assets for you to connect with the more than 5.3 million people who circulate through the network daily in 23 municipalities in the state of São Paulo.

Green Rails

An unprecedented model that will transform cities. Like Santander, your brand can provide experiences and services that go beyond communication and generate value for society.

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